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Is this suitable for everyone?
Bloop is a “full-contact” sport and we do not advise players who have had back injuries to take part. Players will be relatively safe when they are encased in the Bloop balls which effectively shock-proofs you.

If this is a major concern, do drop us an email and we will be able to advise you accordingly.

How long does each game lasts?
The standard timing for each game will be about 20 minutes. So a standard 2-game session will last about 1 hour, with 10 minutes factored in for briefing and getting into the balls.

Are the Bloop balls heavy?
The balls are purely filled with air so they are very light. They come in 2 sizes: adults and kids size.

What is the minimum/maximum group size that you can take?
We need a minimum of 10 players to start a booking. If you have a big group, we can split the group into smaller teams to play versus each other.

How many people can you cater for at one go?
We currently have 20 balls and we can support events with up to 60 people.

What is a suitable location for the games?
Any open grass patch will be a good for the games. Most parks and condominiums are suitable. If you house has an open area, we are open to that option as well.

What attire should the players come in?
Come in light attire and running shoes. It will be hot!

What happens when it rains?
The game is able to proceed in light rain conditions. In case of heavy downpour, we will wait out under shelter, and if it’s big enough, we can conduct some static games there.

Do you have 1st aid trained facilitators on site?
Yes we do. We ensure that we will have at least one trained facilitator on site together with the 1st aid kit.

If I want to extend another game on the spot, can I do that?
This will be subjected to the number and frequency of the bookings we have that day. If we can spare some time to organise another game for you, we will certainly do that. So it’s best that you cater enough games for your booking. Do note that the minimum is for 2 games.

Do you accept credit cards? What are the payment terms?
Yes, we accept Master Card and VISA, but you will need to make your way down to the office to get your card swiped on the spot. Otherwise, cash or cheque payment works great for us as well.

Where should I send the deposit to?
You can mail the cheque deposit, made payable to “ZOVB Singapore”, to 1 Pemimpin Drive,ONE PEMIMPIN,#03-02, Singapore 576151 (*our new office address wef March 2013)

How much time in advance would you require us to book?
Our bookings are based on 1st come 1st serve basis and we are usually very busy on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. You might like to book a slot for yourself as early as possible.

Other than Bloop and ZOVB, what else can you do?
We have a few other components within our umbrella, you can go to www.combatlasersingapore.com or www.laserclay.com.sg or www.onedteambuilding.com or www.adventour.com.sg

I am an events company and would like to engage your services to run teambuilding program for my clients, do you do that?
Sure, just drop us an email and we will go through the necessary details which you need to know when you want to do this for your clients.

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