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COVID-19 Phase 2 Service Update: We are now able to receive bookings for up to 50 pax, operating in smaller groups during the games. However, we will still be running our Land & Water ZOVB / BLOOP games to fit the measures of safe distancing in Phase 2. All equipment & gears will be disinfected after every session. 

What are the differences between land ZOVB and water ZOVB?


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Land vs Water ZOVB

1. Land ZOVB vs Water ZOVB

While Land ZOVB usually takes place along a gentle slope or on a flat ground, players play the water walking ball, Water ZOVB on water like in swimming pools. Players can play with Water ZOVB Balls on land as well. However, due to Water ZOVB Balls’ single-layered nature, the land flooring is restricted to carpets or carpeted grass only.

While Land ZOVB Balls have 2 layers – outer sphere, which is in contact with the ground and the inner sphere, which is where you will be in, Water ZOVB Balls only have 1 transparent layer. For Land ZOVB Balls, this feature works as a cushion and absorb all impact from the hard ground for you. On the other hand, Water ZOVB is designed for water travel instead of downhill rolling. Thus the thin piece of transparent plastic gives the players greater mobility. Some organisations use Water ZOVB balls for dance performance as well.

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Bloop is the mini version of ZOVB balls, the human soccer balls. Some will like to call it Bubble Ball but we like to call ours BLOOP. While the players’ full body would be inside ZOVB balls, only the upper half of their bodies would be in Bloop’s bubble suits. Because of this, players can play games such as bubble soccer, dog and bone, sumo wrestling, poison ball, etc.

Bloop can be carried out almost everywhere, both indoors and outdoors – futsal courts, school halls or even seminar rooms in hotel. However, ZOVB is played at spacious venues – such as gentle slopes, large flat ground and swimming pools.

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Giant inflatable ball

Be it LAND ZOVB, Water ZOVB or BLOOP Soccer games, all these activities are perfect for Birthday Parties, School Carnival Event Rentals and even fringe activities games in exhibition halls and event spaces. On top of the above list, we also brought in Human Bowling Games, Earth Ball or Giant Rolling Balls to be played in fields and big open spaces. Our latest innovation is also to hybrid Water Tag games together with the Water ZOVB rentals in the comfort of your condo swimming pools.

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