Frequently Asked Questions

How do these ZOVB balls work?

The ZOVBonaut first enters the deflated ball through a zip on the side. Once in there, air will be pumped in through a separate hole. The ZOVBonaut can only be inside the ball for 10 to 15 minutes each time before the ball starts fogging up, though the volume of air inside can last him or her longer. One thing to note: Do not fart in the ball! Else you will be miserable for a good 10 minutes. :p

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How many people can go into the ball at one time?

For safety reasons, only one person at a time.

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Can we do this on land instead of water?

Due to its single-layer nature, land flooring are restricted to carpets or carpeted grass only.

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Can we do this in our condo or club pool?

Sure you may, as long as your estate management is fine with it.

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I don’t think my pool is suitable but I have a big lawn though, any alternatives?

Yes. You may rent our inflatable pool to be set up at your lawn. And you too can have fun with our water-walking ZOVB balls.

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Is there anything I need to provide you guys with?

It will be good to have electricity supply near the area you would like to have these balls. This is for our electric air pump. And course if you wish to rent our inflatable pool, we will need water supply close by.

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