COVID-19 Phase 2 Service Update: We are now able to receive bookings for up to 50 pax, operating in smaller groups during the games. However, we will still be running our Land & Water ZOVB / BLOOP games to fit the measures of safe distancing in Phase 2. All equipment & gears will be disinfected after every session. 

4 types of ZOVB games ideal for Birthday Parties & get-togethers:

1. Hydro – Zovbing:

Two or three buckets of water are added to the mix and you remain unattached to the inner ball like a loose cannon tumbling out of control. This is so much fun and definitely a good experience on a hot sunny day in Singapore type of weather. If you are game for it, you can even have your loved ones together with you in the water walking ball, hydro-zovb ! The 2 of you are sure gonna be tumbling and hugging each other at the end of the ride… So do make sure you are totally comfortable with your other hydro-zovb partner before you attempt the tandem experience! Hilarious experience for stag and hen nights and best way to sabotage the birthday kid on that special day! :p 

water walking ball sg


2. Harness – Zovbing:

Giant inflatable ball singapore

Harness ZOVB

 You (the ZOVBonaut) are safely harnessed inside the ball before being sent rolling head over heels downhill. There will definitely be lots of screams and laughters along the way. Be sure to empty your pockets before getting strapped on as we have occasions where “money drops from the sky” – for your partner of course, when the loose change escapes from the pockets. Once you reach the bottom of the slope, you will be given a chance to live like a hamster and experience the torment of running in the ZOVB ball back up the hill. Not a simple task as some might imagine as it requires a certain degree of coordination and willpower to go run back up the slope. Sounds like fun eh?                                                                                             

 3. Freeform – Zovbing:

Don’t fancy getting wet and refused to be strapped? You and a buddy can be running around in the ball and playing a couple of games and achieving objectives together. One of the most popular is racing with the ZOVB ball and negotiating an obstacle course in it. Dare to try??? 

hamster ball singapore

Land ZOVB Singapore

4. Human Bowling Game:

Bowling is more fun when it’s human sized! In our Land ZOVB version, you can get into the ZOVB balls and attempt to knock down the human sized bowling pins or be on the outside to roll the Land ZOVB Balls.

For a more challenging game, you can set up an obstacle course with the bowling pins and try to manoeuvre from the inside of the Land ZOVB ball.

family day games singapore

Human sized bowling game

All the above types of ZOVB-ing can be combined into one crazy fun session ideal for Birthday Parties and teambuilding session to release stress for people in the fast-paced corporate world.

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