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Frequently Asked Questions

How does ZOVB balls work?

There are basically an outer sphere and an inner sphere suspended by ropes in between. When a ZOVB Ball is fully inflated, there will be about 1 metre worth of air between the inner sphere where you will be in and the outer one which is in contact of the ground. So no matter how much impact that you will go thru, the ball will absorb everything for you.

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Is ZOVBing safe?

The only thing that is unsafe about zorbing is that the balls might tear on hard surfaces. But that’s our problem to think about. You will be totally safe and kept in the ZOVB Ball.

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How many people can go in the ball at one time?

We recommend a maximum of 3 children or 2 adults. Well, quite subjective too… All depends on the size and weight of each zorbonaut.

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What is the minimum age to do ZOVBing?

We would recommend that they should be at least 7 years old. Reason being that there are handholds and foot holds in the balls and they need to be of a certain height so that they can roll down safely. But if you’re talking about running inside the ball, any age should fine as long as they have the strength to push with their partners.

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Is there any specific attire that we should wear?

It’s good to come in collared tops. Sometimes the harness can be nasty when it’s not tight enough. It might scratch your neck area if you’re not careful.

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How long is a roll down?

A roll down will involve you and your partner being strapped inside the ball, roll down the slope and walking back up like a pair of hamsters. One such complete set can take anything from 5 to 10 min.

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I have seen people done water ZOVBing, can we do that?

We do not have the water supply over that open field. However, if you are able to bring water along when you book a session with us, we will give you the hydro-ZOVBing experience!

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I would like a session for my family. How do you charge and what is your minimum number?

We do by the number of roll-downs. 2 roll downs (minimum) will cost $35 per child and $50 per adult. If you like additional roll downs or games to be conducted after the 2 roll downs, it will be $14 per child and $18 per adult for every half hour or 1 roll down. You need a minimum of 10 to start a booking, alternatively, you may join our mailing list or to drop us a mail at zorb@zovbsg.com and we see what we can arrange for you.

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How long in advance should we book?

Our bookings are based on 1 st come 1 st serve basis and we are usually busy on weekends. Hence you might like to let us know your preferred date and time as soon as possible.

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I have a decent lawn in my house, can your team come here to do this?

We usually have our programs done at the field along Old Holland Road. If you like us to conduct our program at your location, we will have to come by and pay a visit to see the suitability of the grounds. Also, there will be a $180 surcharge if we were to do ZOVBing at your specified location.

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What other things do you have? My company would like to do zorbing but we have a strength of 200 pax. Are you able to accommodate that?

At this point in time, to support so big a number, we will have to robe in other activities so that we can keep your company occupied throughout that half day. You may like to look at our two other exciting activities:
Combat Skirmish (www.combatlasersingapore.com) &
Laser Clay Shooting (www.laserclay.com.sg)
We can combine these activities for your company.

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What is the difference between the corporate session and adults roll downs?

We include other features to ZOVB fun in corporate session. You not only will be doing roll downs but also some other games with it. Depending on your group size and duration, prices will vary.

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Can you guys come down to my school? We have a camp going on and would like my students to try ZOVBing.

Sure we can. If you could have your school field available, we can bring the game to you. Do note that there is a surcharge of $180 if we travel to you.

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Do you cater food for parties?

We can do that but usually we prefer to leave it to the parents. But if you insist, just let us know what you would like. Do note that we do charge some administrative fee for that.

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