Water ZOVB Singapore Party

Spice up your party with ZOVB Singapore!

Our ZOVB and BLOOP games are suitable for all occasions – be it a birthday party, bachelor party or farewell party. They will definitely add a WOW factor to your guests’ experience!

Typical Party Concepts are as follows:
Land ZOVB:

ZOVB Singapore Parties

The whole party gang will be able to do roll downs (dry or wet) in the Land ZOVB balls. Having “baptised” in the ZOVB Balls, participants will then pair up and get inside the balls to race each other around an obstacle course. Winners get bragging rights till the next ZOVB Party!!!

Water ZOVB:

What best ways to cool off the heat with Water ZOVB. You can opt to have the whole party held just by the poolside. We will provide you with a couple of Water ZOVB balls and party-goers can take turns to have their experience of walking on water! Each participant has about 10 min duration in the Water ZOVB balls before the interior gets fogged up. They will exit the balls by the side of the pool while the next ZOVB-a-naut will get in. On top of having just the balls, we are providing an special add-on option to include Water Tag games in the party too. This is the best way to occupy the kids during the waiting time for their turns into the Water ZOVB Balls. By the end of the session, I’m sure they will be so stuffed and ready for pizzas and cake!

Bloop Party:

Gear in the hilarious bloop or bubble balls and start playing traditional dog n bone games. Suit up for a game of wrestling or even challenge one another in a soccer game in the Bloop Balls. These miniature size ZOVB balls are just so fun and hilarious to play with. Our staff will watch for safety as well as to conduct the games for the participants. Parents can take this opportunity to chill by the bar for a drinks and chats while the kids burn out the energy with the Bloop Games! There are just so many different types of games you to do with those balls. You have to try to find out!

Just choose the type of activities that you want to play, let us know your preferred venue and you’re all ready to enjoy the fun!

ZOVB Singapore parties

Drop us a message if you wish to explore other funky suggestions you might have as well!

Click Land ZOVB, Water ZOVB and BLOOP accordingly to check prices and packages.

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