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Welcome to ZOVB Singapore!





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Welcome to ZOVB Singapore!

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ZOVB allows users to experience a gravity-defying ride and choose the option of being strapped up or not, and with or without water in the ball itself.

Land ZOVB is generally used on a gentle slope. Games like bowling and obstacle race course can be adapted to play for a fun and unique game experience.

Water ZOVB Singapore

Water ZOVB

These balls, unlike our conventional ZOVB balls, are single-layered with a zipper on one side. This shall be a dream come true if you ever wished you could walk on water!

Read more about the differences between Land ZOVB and Water ZOVB here.


Bloop ZOVB Singapore


BLOOP or more commonly known as bubble suits, gives users the ability to be semi-invulnerable once put on. Even though BLOOP balls can be considered the mini version of ZOVB balls, there are some differences between these 2.

BLOOP Games can be done almost anywhere in Singapore, both indoors and outdoors. Players can play games such as bubble soccer, sports like captain’s ball or mini games like dog and bone, sumo wrestling.

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ZOVB Singapore

Zorbing has been a must-do activity for many adrenaline junkies visiting New Zealand but now, Singapore has its very own ZOVB service provider.

Here in ZORB Singapore, we have a full lineup of activities for you: Land ZOVB, Water ZOVB and Bloop (including Bloop Sports & Mini Games and Human Bubble Soccer).

ZORB Singapore is brought to you by the parent company, The Wow Experience, a leader in outdoor events industry for more than 12 years and counting.

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