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Welcome to ZOVB Singapore!





Walk on water with ZOVB

Welcome to ZOVB Singapore!





Play Bloop Sports, Mini Games, Bubble Soccer and more

Welcome to ZOVB Singapore!

what we provide
human bowling bowl

Land ZOVB Human Bowling

Defy gravity in our giant Land ZOVB and get your adrenaline pumping as you roll down (gentle) slopes & knock down human-sized pins

Water ZOVB Singapore

Water ZOVB Games

Elevate your pool party experience and find out what it’s like to walk on water with our Water ZOVBs. Suitable for all ages!


water splashing games

Water Tag Splashing Fun

Just add water to the mix, water tag is the perfect companion to our Water ZOVB pool parties!

adults bubble games

Bloop Bubble Games

Get your Bloop bubble suits on and send your opponents flying in various directions in our array of BLOOP Games!

Gigantic Beach Push Ball

Giant Beach Balls

The bigger the better! We love how versatile our giant-sized beach balls are – lots of fun & excitement guaranteed!

interesting team activities

Kin Ball Team Game

Played in 3 teams of 4, Kin ball is our latest addition! Psst, it’s almost like playing a game of giant volleyball

Sole Licensed Provider of Land & Water ZOVB Activities in Singapore!
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How to book your ZOVB event:

  1. Choose the activity you like
  2. Pick your venue or suggest to us where you would like to do it
  3. Drop us a note – Let us know the preferred date, time and number of pax
  4. Confirm event details at point of payment
  5. Enjoy & have lots of fun!


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